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Stop losing rider complaints in endless email threads.

You should be able to read your rider’s complaints and collaborate without forgetting to click reply all. TransitChat stores all of your rider feedback and conversations without searching through email threads and forwarding conversations.


Easy to use tools to see vehicle positions and performance with forms to document issues and complaints



TransitChat reads all of your feedback and delivers you a summary in email on a regular schedule



Track route issues, collaborate with teams and create tickets without relying and forwarding long email threads

"Whether you are the ceo or a service planner you will all be on the same page of if you read TransitChat summaries"

Tag issues and complaints with locations and routes

Emails can be lost and hard to search through, TransitChat easily tags issues with location and route making it easy to find things for Triennial Reviews

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Never forget to CC your coworker again on a rider complaint

With TransitChat you don't have to scroll through endless email threads all issues and communications are in one place and easy to find

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Stop having meetings just to get everyone caught up to speed

We’ll keep you informed by emailing your whole team summaries of what your riders and staff are saying so you can focus on finding solutions.

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Early Bird Pricing

60 Day free trial

  • Collect and Comunicate about on going issues
  • Visualize vehicles in real-time with GTFS-RT
  • Email digests for route and stop issues
  • Retain issues and communication for federal reporting

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